Service burdock on diagnostics and therapeutics !!!!!

     Use the burdock {aretium} according to the instructions and you will be healthy. Nobody ever will be taken the kidneys away or necessary to go under the dialysis. Your blood presure will increase by 10,e.g. 140/100 will go up to 150/110 next month.It is the congealed blood and the burdock will cure it within a week. It has also curative effects when you suffer from different female problems,a cyst,inflammation after the operation of ovaria or a womb,aches in underbelly. I can cure it in 20 minutes. With no sexuality,suffered from ostheoporosis,when consequences of opration are not usually discussed,the burdock can clear your veins and vessels.

     When operation of the spine was carried out two or five times and it did not help and you still have pains and difficulties with your spine,my diagnosis is inflammation of the sciatic nerve,jammed nerve or a strike and I am able to cure it without operation in two visits that makes no more than 1 or 2 hours together. I wash the burdock leaves hitching it against the walls of the tube in two waters,let it dry and enwrap it round the body with elastic bandage.

     I am the first all over the world who has cured the liver and the gall bladder. No operation forever. I am the only one on this planet who has cured migraine and women`s difficulties with my magnetism and who is able to cure spine and kinetic organs while one waits.

    An amazing invention in the medical field was discovered by healer Mr Anton Hornacek , Stará Turá, Slovakia. Using of a burdock / Arctium lappa A. majus and Artrium tomentosum /. It grows from May to October.

Using burdock leaves you can prematurely diagnose illnesses and especially you can cure these illnesses in a very short time without any side effects and pharmacological medicines, incidentally avoid an operation.

Arctium tomentosum

Arctium lappa A. majus
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The causes of illnesses:
    Most illnesses arise because of excessive perspiration. Inflammations and pains of joints, lumbago, pains in the elbows backbone, locomotive system, women`s diseases, prostate and illnesses of entrails arise because of excessive perspiration. Out of inflammations arise tumours, cancer, heart attack and strokes.
That is why it is very important to wear a vest or a T-shirt because they suck the sweat and avoid the inflammation.

    It is very suitable to wrap up the whole body into burdock leaves at last once a year, fasten with an elastic bandage and leave it working for four hours, during the night the best. Put on the burdock leaves with their facial side to the skin. After four hours take out the leaves gradually and check if the colour of any of them has not changed. If yes, it signalizes the inflammation. If the colour does not change it means there is no inflammation. If the colour changes to brown or black it signalizes the inflammation of a medium intensity. If the colour changes to cinnamon and the burdock leaf is dry and it crumbles, it signalizes a strong inflammation. The change of colour on a burdock leaf can be a spot of a size of 1 cm, or there can be more of them, or the spot can be round the whole leaf.

    On the place where change of colour occurred and signalized the inflammation put the burdock leaves /Arctium lappa A. majus or Arctium tomentosum/ and fasten them firmly with an elastic bandage. Let the leaves work for 24 hours the best on the inflammated place. Repeat the procedure until the colour of burdock leaf remains the same and the inflammation is cured using a burdock. The time of treatment of a medium inflammation is 1-2 weeks, when the inflammation is strong 3-4 weeks. During this time avoid the water as much as possible-as hot like warm or cold water speads the inflammation. It is recommended to take a shower maximum twice a week for 3 or 4 minutes.
We make the diagnostics by putting one leaf and when treating the inflammation put the leaves twofold. The burdock leaf suppresses 20-50% of inflammation pain in 24 hours and in a week time it suppresses the pain totally. By curing the inflammation we automatically prolong the length of our life. The healer Mr Hornáček says: "I suppose that by using burdock leaves we can cure even a man in a coma."
Mechanical problems and pains are suppressed by a healer during the personal visit using personal magnetism. People after operation of backbone have no pain after the first visit. The treatment effects the whole locomotive apparatus (elbows, knees, joints, backbone, weakness in legs and hands). Till half an hour he suppresses pains of breasts, ovaries, womb and the point of sexuality (3 cm under the belly button).

     Using burdock leaves we can treat cystitis, women`s diseases, womb, breasts, lower abdomen and liver. As mentioned above put the burdock leaves on the place where needed and fasten it with an elastic bandage. Put the leaves on until the colour of the burdock stays green-then the inflammation is treated. On vagina put the burdock leaf wearing knickers.

     Using burdock leaves we can treat strokes and psychical problems. As prevention against these illnesses it is very good to take a burdock leaf treatment every spring. It helps to congestion of brain and to settle the blood pressure. During the night put the burdock leaf on your fore head and your head and fasten it with an elastic bandage. Start from your forehead around the whole head with the face uncovered. Repeat the treatment for 7 - 10 days. The healing power of burdock effects through the hair and the head bones.

     Using the burdock leaf we can treat heart attacks. Put the burdock leaf on the chest where your heart is and also on the back and fasten firmly with an elastic bandage for four hours or for the whole night. After stroke or heart attack put on the burdock leaves immediately to avoid death. The burdock works as a pump. It draws the coagulated blood. When in need you can use the leaf of symphytum officinale L, in the winter the leaf of cabbage or kale.

    Treating the mentally ill children. Children who are born mentally ill have a brain inflated with blood. The damage of brain depends on the amount of time child had been without breathing (1 - 10 minutes). After two weeks of continuous putting the burdock leaf on head the blood from inflated brain disappears and the children recover. The burdock leaves can be used also with adults, their state gets better.

Treatment of Varicose ulcer and "black leg":
    Wash the burdock leaves under cold water 4 - 5 times. Dry in cool place, put on your leg 4 - 5 times a day, always a new leaf during 1 month (Until it remains green). Then the treatment with Symphytum officinale L starts. Grate the root of symphytum and put the mixture on the wound and also around it. Put a freezer bag on it and fasten with an elastic bandage. Change the mixture twice a day during the period of 3 months. The skin gets lighter.   
Symphytum officinale L

How to eliminate perspiration:


Summer oak
Quercus robur L.
Cook the bark of summer oak / Quercus robur L./ or winter oak / Quercus pertacea (Mattuschka) Liebl/. Put the bark and water into the pan. Boil for 30 minutes from the boiling point and bathe in it for 2 or 3 weeks. If your hands or legs perspire, bathe only these. After this treatment you will have no problems for 6 months. When the perspiration starts again, repeat the cure. You can use one boiled solution of an oak bark for 5 - 6 days. You can get the oak bark in a sawing mill. At first cure the inflammation with a burdock leaf and then cure the perspiration with an oak bark. Bathing the whole body is suitable only for people who have no inflammation.
Winter oak
Quercus pertacea

Tea from Epilobium parviflorum SCHREB:
    Boil the water for 5 minutes then cool the water to 70°C. Put Epilobium in and allow to infuse for 20 minutes (1 stalk of epilobium for 1 litre of water). Drink 2 litres daily during a period of one month. It clears the urinary tract, kidneys, increases sexuality and avoids eloping of urine in an older age. After 1 month of drinking you must take a break for one week and then start to drink Epilobium tea again for a period of one month. All kinds of tea should be prepared according this recipe.

Enema and abdominal influenza:
Drink 1 - 1 l of mineral water ŠARATICA on an empty stomach. In 30 minutes you will go to the toilet once or twice. Then cook tea from Agrimonia eupatoria L for 15 minutes. Drink 2 - 3 times two decilitres of tea until diarrhoea stops.

Our ear is a diminished skeleton of a human being. More earrings in it destroy the bones. Our nose represents our stomach. Piercing in a nose destroys the stomach.

    Healer Mr. Hornáček Anton cures also with personal magnetism with no harm effects. He cured Mrs Edita Kotlebová from Hôrka nad Váhom. After a stroke she had been paralyzed for 8 years and she had a urinary excretory duct. Personal magnetism treating by Mr. Hornáček took one and a half hour. After this time she started to move her hands and legs. After one year and a half she walked with crutches and after next three months she walks without any aid. She can move all parts of her body and she has no urinary excretory duct. After only one treatment done by Mr. Hornáček.

      Mr. Hornáček handed in some patents. Tests with an apple proved that healer Mr. Hornáček has got the strongest personal magnetism in Europe. It is scientifically proved. He can see and feel what others cannot. The results of this three-year treatment are unique worldwide. His abilities tried healed people from many European countries and from the USA. The results of his treatment have been acknowledged also by a renowned professor from Faculty of Medicine in Martin, Slovakia. For discovery of using a burdock for treatment he wants to gain the Nobel Price Award.

    The results of treatment done by Mr. Hornáček can be proved also by a laboratory examination from 7th April 2004.
Dg.: C915 leukaemia.

Examination in serum and plasma:


Allowed Values in mmol/l Values before treatment in mmol/l Values after 2 month treatm. in mmol/l
Glucose 3,9 - 6,4 3,73 4,06
Urea 2,78 - 7,62 5,18 3,62
S-Creatinin 55 - 97 44,19 46,14
Bilirubin total 5 - 20 17,33 8,32
AST 0,1 - 0,5 3,41 1,19
ALT 0,1 - 0,6 9,34 2,72
GMT 0,1 - 0,5 16,53 5,93
ALP 0,54 - 1,7 5,92 4,72
Iones Na-S 135 - 145 139,50 136,79
Iones K-S 3,5 - 5,5 3,62 3,67
Iones Cl-S/td> 101 - 110 103,83 102,16
Erythrocytes   1 - 2 3 - 5
Leucocytes   8 - 10 3 - 5
Mucous fibers   flat -

    In Slovak Republic there could be maximum four healers on the ammount of inhabitants.It is impossible to learn how to cure by energy, it must be given to a person at birth.I did the tests with an apple and checking tests. I am the only man in Europe who passed them:

  • 70-year-old pensioner from Stará Turá - as a young girl she had a vaginal discharge and the pain in the lower abdomen, after menopause the pain is even stronger. She wanted to commit the suicide, in such a pain she has lived since she was 20. She is cured after 15 minutes.
  • 44- year-old woman from Stará Turá - after a car accident she had been cured for 6 months, she had to undergo an operation, she could not stand up without a help of her hands. After 1 hour of treatment she is healthy.
  • 7-year-old boy from Nové Mesto nad Váhom - diagnosis polio. He cannot walk, he only crawls. After the first treatment he can stand on his feet, when lying on the back he can put his legs up up to 90°, he freely cycles but he cannot walk. I told his parents to put on burdock, but they did not obey my advice.If they put on burdock leaves in my opinion the boy would be able to walk within 3 months.Now he will be able to walk maybe after one year. When I did not ask for money parents did not take the treatment seriously.
  • 21-year-old woman from Bratislava - she does not realize who she is or where she is, she has to wear nappies, they have to feed her. She is treated by a professor for 6 months and one year and a half in Switzerland. On the request of her grandmother she started to undergo my treatment though her stepmother did not agree because they had to commute from Bratislava. After the second treatment the girl started to walk but because the commuting was not covenient for them I stopped treating her.
  • A pensioner from Trnava - diagnosis - mentally disturbed. She underwent a treatment in a hospital for mentally ill in Pezinok after her husband died for 15 years. Both her sons brought her to me. She could hardly walk. After the first treatment the woman leaves my house trotting - my diagnosis - stroke.
  • Pensioner from Galanta - she lived in Bratislava before. It is about thirty metres from the street to my place She walked this distance with the help of her husband and a friend for more than 10 minutes. When the lady sat down I told her the diagnosis - stroke and the inflammations in all her body. Her answer: "Mr Hornáček,I have hardly sat down and you are telling me stupid things. Do you know who am I? My daughter is a doctor in Bratislava. I have been ill like this for 18 years.I have spent more than ten years in the best hospitals in Prague, Hradec Králové, Brno, Olomouc, Bratislava, Martin, Banská Bystrica. She was also in Kováčová where they treat such people in such health conditions. My answer: "Madam,please stretch your arms forward, look at me and your fist will close immediately. And it happened. I tell her again: "Look at the ceiling, look at me and your hand will open within 20 seconds. And it happened. I tell her again: "Look at that hand, it will close immediately, look out of the window and your hand will open within 20 seconds. My diagnosis is correct. The lady lifted her leg when lying on the bed for about 3 cm.After the first treatment she lifted her leg for 45 . I told her to put on burdock leaves and she will be healthy.
  • 43-year-old man from Gabčíkovo - he walks towards me and I can see an eczema and psoriasis .I tell him that his liver is not okay.He tells me that he has donored the blood for fifteen times and he also donored blood just one month ago. And that the healer where he had been before told him his illness in Latin and as I cannot speak Latin my diagnosis is not trustworthy. As i cannot speak Latin I should tell him his illness in Hungarian.My question is:" How many people did he infect with an eczema?
  • 70-year old pensioner from Piešťany. She was sent home from hospital to die. Her son is a doctor there. She used to drink only 10 ml water a day. They put it to her mouth with a syringe and this has happened for five days. When they were giving her water she cried of pain. When she was at my place she drank water and she even asked for it.
  • 55-year-old man from Trenčín - his spine was operated for four times, he should undergo an operation for the fifth time. After my treatment he cancelled the operation.
  • 4 - year - old boy from Bratislava - he cannot talk he only screams, he is out of his mind, he hits the chair with his hands. When his mother came with him for the second treatment she that her son did a certain progress - he can eat, watch the bedtime stories, he says words and even sentences. He said three words at my place.
  • 57 - year - old pensioner from Nové Mesto nad Váhom. She has an unbearable pain in her spine. She has not slept properly for twenty years, she only slumbered for fifteen years before an operation and five years after.They operated her spine in Olomouc but the pain has remained. She visited me only once and after my treatment there was no pain for three and a half years.
  • 11 - year-old-girl from Myjava - she wets the bed. They treated her in Myjava for five years years than a doctor in Bratislava with no results.When I touched her lower abdomen she cried with pain, after 20 minutes she leaves my place in a good state.
  • 31 - year - old car mechanic from Zemianske Podhradie - his leg has been aching him for three years. His personal doctor has been treating him, the neurologist, orthopaedist - with no success. They want him to undergo a treatment in a psychiatry department.
  • 37 - year - old woman from Myjava she has had problems with her entrails, she has a pain in her right side. A psychiatrist treats her. I stroke her lower abdomen for about 20 minutes and the woman is okay.
  • 47 - year - old woman from Poprad - she was on a period but the blood did not leave the body.She was treated for one month by her doctor, than three months in a hospital, she was sent home to die. Her belly was as big as the belly of a woman in the ninth month of pregnancy. After my treatment the blood has been leaving the body for two days and after three days her uterus does not hurt her.
  • 60 - year - old pensioner from Veľký Krtíš - diagnosis asthma. During 21 years she had been going to the spas for treatment. I put her spine into order and after the treatment the woman is okay.
  • 44 - year - old doctor from Stará Turá a chronical sinusitis since his childhood. After three months of treatment he feels okay.
  • 39 - year - old woman from Myjava she has had a migrene since her childhood, really a severe pain several times a day . I had been treating her for an hour and after the first treatment 90% of migrene goes away.Since that time she has had the migrene only during her period. After my treatment she has only a slight migrene - 10 %.
  • 49 -year-old woman from Žiar nad Hronom, she had a bad migrene for 33 years. After one hour of treatment there is no migrene.
  • 50 - year old woman from Žilina, she had migrene for four years, after treatment there is no migrene.

After heart attack or brain damage, put the burdock leaves until they are green for 10 days to eliminate even the blood clod and then you are in a good health and you can come back to work.

  • 54 -year-old man from Trnava. He had to undergo a kidney operation in March 2004. In spring 2005 they suppose to remove also the second kidney. He will live only on dialysis. A blood clod has stuck his kidney and he lost it. It would be better to put burdock leaves on the place for 1-3 weeks and he could save his kidney.S-kreatin - the limited value is 55-115 mmol/l but the pacient`s value is 160. I will treat this but I need burdock leaves, for the patient to survive till spring.

    In 1981 I found the money and the documents. I took them to the police in Stará Turá. They belonged to the family of Mr Ladislav Milan. I received a book with an inscription of Mr Milan. His daughter is a down hill skiing representative.

    Journalists should write about the healers only the facts, not dishonest things and a sick man must tell where the medicine has failed. There must be stated the name, age, place of residence, a photograph in case the people who know the person could check if the truth has been written or sick and unhappy people are being used.

    Where the modern instruments do not show the illness or the tests, I can treat it. For instance the tests show us 50 % of women´s diseases such as vaginal discharges, but another 50 % they will not show us anything, though the diseases are serious. I am able to uncover the problems also there where the tests do not show anything.

    People of the world - try the burdock leaves- they will give you the illness and will also treat you. In different parts of the world where there are no burdocks try another leaves with the similar effects. But the leaf cannot have any side effects.

All of you who are interested please make an appointment by calling to:
Anton Hornáček
ulica Kozmonautov 772/55
916 01 Stará Turá
telephone number: 0904 447 826
telephone number when calling from abroad: +421 904 447 826

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